Why Stark Logistics Software?

Professional. Profitable. Easy to use.

Cut out time-consuming paperwork with Stark's cloud-based solution. Start using it in seconds! 


35% More Loads


20% Growth


5 Hours / Week / Person


30% Profit

Easy and Simple to Use

Stark is easy to use because it only has features that you need to use.  It is simple but more importantly it is an extremely power tool to help you grow your business.

Saves Money

Our system is an all in one solution allowing you to operating you entire freight business in one program.  It creates efficiencies by saving time, providing more value to customers, and identifying opportunities.  The system was built to save seconds, we aggressively  find ways to save seconds in time for our valued customers.

Cost Effective

The Stark system starts at a cost of $285 per month, with a return on investment within seconds.  

Integrates Seamlessly

Need to integrate with customers or carriers? Stark provides an open API and EDI to make it quick and easy to connect.  We integrate with a multitude of programs including: FourKites Tracking, Quickbooks, MacroPoint, load boards, Google Mapping, and many others. 


Our system was designed for 1 user or 5000 users. As your business grows you can depend on Stark to continue to help you accelerate your growth.

Secure and Cloud Based

Being cloud based and mobile friendly Stark enables you and your team to work securely anywhere and anytime.  The cloud system also allows our technical support team to provide assistance fast.

User Portals for Customers and Carriers

Providing a user portal for your customers will increase the value that you provide to them.  The customer portal allows your customer have visibility on shipments and access to reports plus data that is relevant to their specific needs.  The carrier portal allows carriers to receive and accept load tenders, upload invoices and proof of deliveries, plus communication easily with your team.

Customized Reports

As the logistics industry has grown, the need to superior reporting has as well.  Stark allows you to easily generate sleek and relevant reports for almost anything you can think of including KPI, ROI, transnational, and financial. 

First-Class Customer Support

At Stark our mission is to provide the absolute best customer experience ever, we pride ourselves on the fact that we do not have sales people, our best selling feature is our customers, they are not only users of our system but they are most importantly our strongest advocates!

Continuously Improves

Stark believes in staying ahead of the curve, we have the number one freight brokerage software for a reason.  It is because we pride ourselves on having cutting-edge technology that out performs our rivals.  In order to do this we continually use the feedback from our valued customers to improve the system daily.

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