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Read Testimonials & Reviews of the Stark TMS Logistics Software. Our clients love our software and the customization and flexibility that it provides.

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Stark has been a major success for us.  Our company has been around for over 40 years and we have gone through at least 5 different software systems.  One after another we have had to change it because the systems didn't keep up with today's latest and greatest technology, the systems become to cumbersome, or we just outgrew them.  Stark has been a refreshing experience because the system continues to get smarter and better every day by learning from users and data.  This is our forever system and we will not be changing ever again!

- Cynthia

We have used Stark for over 4 years and it has been the reason we've growth our freight brokerage division from 3 people to over a 100 people in such a short amount of time.  Stark's software allows us to easily manage orders, scale, and provide more value to our customers.  The best thing is that it is really simple to use because it has all the features you actually really need and nothing that you do not need.

- Sean, Speedee Transport, a division of Canada Cartage Logistics Solutions Limited

We implemented the Stark Software in to our transportation division that handles all of the transport for our warehousing customers. It's been amazing the amount of extra revenue and profit we have been able to achieve because of the efficiencies this system has created but more importantly because of all of the opportunities it has identified. We couldn't live with out this software now and its been a major competitive advantage for us.

- Ryan B

We use stark on a daily basis for our LTL consolidation movements.  We specialize in moving temperature controlled goods and the Stark software is perfect for that because there are specific features and details that ensure procedures for moving refrigerated goods are followed.  Stark makes everything a process versus doing things by memory which makes our lives a lot easier.  We proud to say that Stark is our partner and look forward to many more years to come.

- Lisa, Pemberton Cold Chain Transport

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