Logistics Software Security

How We Protect the Safety of Your Database, Data, and Information

  • Stark TMS is run on a robust secure cloud server. 
  • Safe from malware, phishing emails, and viruses.  Servers are located in secured warehouses that have limited access.
  • The files stored on cloud servers are encrypted and scrambled making it far harder for cybercriminals to access.
  • Consistent security measures and updates  to protect from the latest viruses or malware.
  • AI tools and auto-patching to help protect your data. Built-in algorithms to seek out and identify possible vulnerabilities in security measures.
  • Built-in firewalls that are hardware and software-based, apply rules to all of the traffic coming into a network. These rules are designed to filter out suspicious traffic and to keep your data behind the wall.
  • Redundancy back up servers (ultra-backed-up data) to protect against failures, power outages, and natural disasters.
  • Third-party security testing. Outside security to test servers and software regularly to make sure data is safe from hackers, cybercriminals and the latest malware and viruses. 
  • Two-factor authentication

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